You will not only leave the studio with a shiny new tattoo, you'll leave with your entire experience pressed into a cool new wrinkle in your brain. You’ll remember the giddy anticipation of your appointment, the smell of clean when you walk through the front door, the care taken to make sure that your tattoo stencil is perfectly lined up, the gentle tattooing method that I have honed over the past 20 years, the smooth whirring of the tattoo machine, the excitement when you see your new artwork in the mirror for the first time, the feeling of knowing that you are forever changed. It’s not just small stuff after all. 

I'm fascinated with the
magic of tattooing.

I sweat the small stuff

In a world obsessed with hustle and madness...

Beauty and Balance.

"John's not the cheapest, but there was more to his studio and operation that I couldn't find anywhere else. First was cleanliness, he was unquestionably attentive in that detail. Secondly was privacy. I was very thankful for not being interrupted or having strangers in the studio. The third thing is follow-through, from design and prep, through healing. I know I can contact John with any issues or concerns. Simply put, you're not just paying for the hours it takes him to put ink on skin.
You have him for the whole day.
He's going to do it right."

You're not just paying for the tattoo...

Five star reviews

Choose from my available designs or one of my current custom projects. Picking from pre-made designs allows me to maximize my creativity and takes the guess work out of the design process for you. Learn more by clicking below. 

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Fine-lined floral and ornamental arm sleeve.

henna inspired

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Intense mandala and geometric  patterned skull
back piece.

Easily my favorite kind of design and placement.

(spoiler alert : They're epic)

Available Pre-Made Designs

flowy and beautiful

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